Make the Science Olympiad events harder or change it for 2020-2021! Share it to everyone!

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It was a tragedy to see our great competition of Science Olympiad fall down to the hands of the pandemic Coronavirus. We worked so hard to have a good time, meet new friends, and make great advancements on our science middle school and high school careers. However, the events won’t change next year. Boomilever stays as boomilever, geologic mapping won’t swap to remote sensing, and other events aren’t changing. Worse yet, no new topics or any changes to the rules will be implemented. As painful as our work has fallen down the drain, the next year of students should refresh upon a new page. Not only are some teams that are strong enough can go even further and reach a runaway point, but people won’t be able to try out new things that they may never have explored before and have urgently been wanting to. We should be able to do more with our lives, and this petition is fighting for that very cause. Please, change the Science Olympiad events for the next year. If that’s not possible, at the very least increase the difficulty of events to prevent runaway without losing all progress. People can’t work over the summer as much, and not only would it give the events a new edge, but it also doesn’t compromise the work lost. Just that very slight modification would be the ideal solution. Thank you, SciOly Community.