McDonalds, please stop using plastic straws!

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Per the article written by Adam Parsons, McDonalds is "to start phasing out plastic straws from its UK restaurants and says it is "really close" to the point where all its packaging can be recycled."

While plastic straws are often recyclable, many are not getting recycled and ending up in our oceans KILLING marine life and birds. 

There are alternatives to plastic straws and one is not to use straws at all! Once you go strawless, you realize that you really didn't need the straw in the first place. If you do need one, buy stainless steel or compostable straws and keep them in your car so if you go out you've got the straws with you! While you're at it, keep reusable tupperware instead of getting a doggy bag for your left overs at restaurants! And don't forget your own water bottle!