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Reinstate the LaGringa Account

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La Gringa is a serious, long-time blogger (since 2006) who lives in the most dangerous city in the most dangerous country in the world according to the United Nations - Honduras, where 17 journalists have been murdered in the past 2 years. and where many reporters are afraid to write about organized crime or political matters.

She uses a pseudonym, as many authors do, not to deceive, but because it is the only way that she can exercise her freedom of speech without fear of serious reprisals. Her articles have been published all over the internet under that pseudonym.

This week she started writing a series of blog articles about crime and narcotrafficking in Honduras -- and that is likely what prompted the complaint about her account, just as postings of her political articles were blocked by Facebook for a time last year and the year before because of false complaints.

La Gringa history on Facebook should show that she is not a "fake" or a spammer. she haves almost 1,200 Facebook friends (most of them for 2 years or more) under the only name by which she is known in Honduras, the US, Canada and Central America. Her FB friends and 1,400 blog followers understand the reasons why she must use a pseudonym.

By asking for a copy of her ID, Facebook is asking her to put her life in danger. By disabling her account, Facebook is silencing one of the few internet voices in English in Honduras.

We hope that Facebook will take a serious look at her account and consider reinstating it.

If you are on board with this cause please repost the petition on your walls on Facebook, invite people to sign on your blogs, send e-mails to your friends and tell them about htis injustice, lets show Facebook how important it is for us to keep our friends safe and posting.

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