CEO Murphy Request Packer Fans Stop Roasting Bears In Celebration of The Green Bay Packers

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9/28/2017 - According to a WISN 12 News video interview,
this is the 5th or 6th bear to be roasted in 10 years, the video goes on stating the bear was not eaten.  Bears unnecessarily killed and roasted in the name of physical sports as a stunt. 

On 1/24/2011 quotes a bar owner decided to intimidate the rival team by roasting a giant bear however, there was no bear picnic to celebrate as local health officials blocked the sale of the meat

Is this publicity stunt a way to gain popularity at the expense of exploitating and roasting bears?  Blake Montpetit owner of Tiffany Sports Lounge in St. Paul, Minnesota is quoted stating 'Roasting a bear is a little good-spirited rivalry for our friends in Chicago'.

This cruel representation of wildlife is appalling and deplorable while being stated as a "celebration of the Green Bay Packers games."  

Killing helpless animals and roasting them on a stick has no place in the world of physical sports and is an exploitation, mockery and disrespect of animal life.  Bears are baited, chased to exhaustion and traumatized by dogs and shot to death, their babies are also murdered.
We the petitioners respectfully ask Green Bay Packers CEO Mark Murphy to speak out against this unethical, immoral, unreasonable and needless barbaric act that has been going on for years referenced as support of the Green Bay Packers Games.

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