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Offer Brewed Fair Trade Coffee Daily in U.S. Stores

In the UK, 100% of coffee and espresso served in Starbucks is Fair Trade certified. But in the U.S., even getting a single cup of Fair Trade coffee from Starbucks can be a challenge. That's because the largest coffee chain in the U.S. doesn't offer a brewed Fair Trade choice in its American stores every day. And when they do offer a Fair Trade option, its often poorly advertised as such. It is time for Starbucks to work with customers to help their growers maintain a sustainable standard of living that Starbucks employees enjoy.

Fair Trade fights common forms of labor exploitation including human trafficking, child labor, and other abuses by building equitable, long-term partnerships between consumers and producers. Many coffee farmers receive prices for their harvest that can be less than the costs of production, forcing them into a cycle of poverty and debt. But Fair Trade coffee helps end that cycle, empower farmers, and fight labor exploitation.

It's time Starbucks upped their commitment to Fair Trade coffee by offering a brewed Fair Trade choice in all of their U.S. stores every day. Give U.S. customers the option of buying into a fair deal for coffee growers.

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