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Convince Facebook, Google, Wikipedia to blackout to protest SOPA

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Currently, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is moving through the House of Representatives at a dangerous speed. The parent companies of many major news networks (FOX, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC) support this bill and refuse to draw attention to the bill in the hopes of no one realizing the dark side SOPA. It's working. While the majority of Americans oppose this bill, many Americans either have never heard of SOPA or have only heard the "good side" of SOPA. Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia are debating having a "blackout" to force the media to cover the story and raise awareness about this disgustingly under-reported bill. The sites would either make their sites unavailable for a length of time or redirect the site to one with an explanation of SOPA. Reddit has already scheduled its own "blackout" day, Jan. 18th and the decision has incredible support among its users, but this one website is not enough. This is a disgusting violation of free speech and will destroy the Internet as we know it.  Keep the "WORLD" in the World Wide Web and show these sites that we are behind their decision to force media to cover SOPA!

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ADDITION: I also need to mention that SOPA's Congress twin, PIPA (Protect IP ACT), is also close to passing. This movement is to protest both. Speak up!

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