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Take down Kendall Jones disturbing pictures

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Facebook has a policy a that prohibits users from posting photos like this. Their policy is "'LONG STANDING COMMUNITY", which means, GRAPHIC IMAGES SHARED FOR SADISTIC EFFECT OR TO CELEBRATE OR GLORIFY VIOLENCE."With the hope of ending all Trophy Hunting, we have come so far in creating a world without animal abuse.This person along with many others, continues to post comments and photo's of herself with the animal she just killed, with a sick smile and let's not forget, the weapon they used to kill it....This is glorifying killing, animal abuse, violence and cruelty against animals. She claims that hunter's have the right to kill and she admits that it is an addiction..and she as well as all of them try to justify their bad addictions are for conservation efforts, economical values and each animal they kill feeds a village, which was proven wrong. On May 4th at a debate which included Adam M. Roberts from Born Free USA,.and Wayne Pacelle from the Humane Society argued that hunting is conservation..This type of behavior does NOT aid conservation and the majority agreed by"65% ..Hunting only hurts the ecosystem.. Eliminating predators completely throws of the natural balance of wildlife..Without them other species like deer will overpopulate.. Hunters are a big part of this. Eliminating large predators like the lion..Not only are they screwing up the ecosystem, they are disrupting families and life time relationships where animals and birds mate with one for life.. Killing animals for fun is cruel and wrong and the pictures are disturbing.. There are no photos these people post that are for awareness and they should be taken down,,,They are merely showing off their success with other hunters and it's an egotistical and dominating affect they share.


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