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eClinicalworks-your silence and indifference towards sexual harassment at work is shameful

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Petition to CEO, eClinicalworks, US office Massachusetts

We demand a fair and transparent enquiry into the complaint of sexual harassment at eClinicalworks, Bangalore

Vimochana, a women’s rights organization working in Bangalore for the past 37 years has been addressing issues of Violence against Women, including wife battering, sexual violence, dowry violence, and sexual harassment at the workplace (

Having received a complaint of sexual harassment and going carefully through the details of it at the workplace complaint, we want you to share our outrage and join us in condemning the indifference of the management and implicit and explicit sanction of sexual harassment at workplace of the complainant as legitimate conduct.

The case in point is, Kavya* (*real name withheld respecting victim’s wish) an active employee at eClinicalworks India Pvt. Ltd, No.73/1, 13th floor, Summit Tower–B, Brigade Metropolis, GarudacharPalya, White field Main Road, Mahadevapura Post, Bangalore – 560 048. She was appointed when operations in Bangalore began in 2014. 

On 28th February 2014 at the end of the shift as she was wrapping up her work to leave for the day, she was sexually molested by Anirudha Mundra, Director of the Company. As there were no women employees in the Company’s management and fearing consequences she chose to keep quiet and maintained a distance from the perpetrator. Kavya began to notice that the perpetrator was stalking her and when she did not heed his vicious wants, in the month of September 2014, Anirudha Mundra humiliates her for looking at her phone in the presence of other employees.

She complained to another Director of the Company, Anand B Sannappa. Her complaint was brushed aside (in an all men meeting) stating that “incidents like this are common in this office and she has to accept it in good spirit”. Though she expressed her disgust, it was disregarded. She had one more shock in waiting, when in the month of December 2014 she inquired about her further growth opportunities in the company, the HR (Gururaja Nayakawadi) casually informed her that she had to “adjust with the managers” as it was the only way to grow in the company.

The work related harassment that followed her complaint destroyed her mentally and emotionally.

When she was on medical leave to undergo an operation, her email access was blocked without her knowledge. Fearing the safety of her employment she wrote about the professional misconduct of the management to US based head office. But they promptly referred it to the very same people against whom she had complained.

When she returned to office after her medical leave, she was not assigned any work for about 15 days. She was made to sit idle. She was threatened by the employees of the HR and legal department to drop the issue.

She approached the Assistant Labour Commissioner regarding harassment. They asked them to setup the ICC to enquire into the complaint of sexual harassment. And ironically the ICC was set up with five persons, of who four were those on who the complaint was made. The enquiry was completely rigged by the management contrary to the POSH act, Kavya was allowed to be interrogated by the very person who were accused of harassment. Suddenly in October 2015 without providing any proper reason she was abruptly dismissed from service around 3 a.m. (in midnight).

She approached Vimochana who wrote to the company’s CEO in US. Our letter has not been acknowledged till date. A copy which was sent to the Bangalore office replied to us without it being legibly endorsed by any legitimate authority. When Vimochana protested at this kind of shoddy treatment of our letter, they confirmed it was that of Anand Sannappa.

We have seen firsthand how this kind of victim blaming and harassing prevents women from coming forward and protects men who commit these crimes.

Kavya is forced to seek your support in the light of such absolute careless indifference and total condemnation of such dehumanizing acts, Therefore please sign the petition, demanding:

1.      To reinstate Kavya assigning the same responsibilities before she was unfairly terminated.

2.      Properly advising them to reconstitute the ICC as per POSH Act to redress the complaint of sexual harassment.

3.      Condemning the inaction and deplorable attitude of eClinicalworks India Pvt. Ltd

4.      To make proper inquiry and take necessary action against Anirudha Mundra and other harassers as per the POSH Act.


Join Vimochana in demanding the CEO, US office, eClinicalworks to take immediate action.






























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