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Please pay my parental leave payment. It would really help our family.

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I appreciate your time reading my petition, so here is the short version:

I have not received my parental leave payments for 11 weeks, and have wasted over 400$ on phone calls on centrelinks help line.

And here is the long one:

Wanting to be ready for my newborns arrivial, I stared my claim with centrelink on the 30th of June.

We had our beautiful little baby girl on the 1/10/15 - A week late but good things take time!

I Uploaded proof of birth the next day...which centrelink lost.

Because centrelinks system was down, I had to take the proof of birth into centrelink, this is when I started new claim.

I waited two weeks, and after not hearing anything, I visited the centrelink office. I waited 2 hours holding baby and 4.5 year old to be told the first claim was never actioned, and centrelink had entered our daughters name wrong into their system. I Visited the office to resolve the name issue and start a fresh claim.

I Heard nothing for 2 weeks, but received a letter informing me that centrelink had changed my daughter's name to a completely different one. They claimed they had tried to call me numerous times to confirm the name, but I have no records of missed calls. I called again and was put on hold for two hours which cost me $250 only to be told that there was no claim on record, I again started a new claim, and got my daughters name finally corrected.

Another 4 weeks passed, and followed up the claim to be told that my employer had not registered the business for the payment, as they refused to register the business as one of the pay clerks decided that I was not entitled to the claim (even though centrelink had approved my claim).

2 weeks passed, and we had run out of saving and were now in financial distress, so I went back into centrelink, and was told that a dispute is open and there is nothing more to do but wait, the best centrelink could do was give us a list of welfare services. Cheap food is handy, but doesn't pay the bills.

Another 2 weeks passed, and I had heard nothing, so I revisited centrelink, waited another 2 hours in line, to be informed that there was no dispute opened. I was told to tell accounts to register the business which accounts were continuing to refuse.

The offending pay clerk has now moved on, and so I have been informed that the business is now registered to pay parental leave, although I have not received any written correspondence to verify this to date.

Another week has passed and I have not hear anything. I am presently again on the phone to centrelink, and the automated voice has just informed me I am looking at a minimum 45 minute wait.

My husband is now working 6 days a week and 3 jobs, and hardly sees his kids.

All I want is to get my parental leave, so I can enjoy my time with newborn which I can never get back. I am deeply grateful for our government's initiatives that help young families and I hope that by starting this petition, other mums that are in similar situations can receive a level of care that we as taxpayers work so hard for.


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