Stop the Destruction! Permanently Ban Fireworks in Centralia, WA!!

Stop the Destruction! Permanently Ban Fireworks in Centralia, WA!!

July 9, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Deanne Murry

Every year, Fireworks cause far more damage than all other holiday traditions combined. Below are just some examples.


  • Frighten birds to death.
  • Terrify, injure and kill domestic animals and wildlife.
  • Results in injuries to humans and animals.
  • Cause pollution on land, water and air.
  • Use child labor in production.
  • Are filled with toxins, many of which are carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting chemicals.
  • Thousands of beloved pets go missing every year, fleeing for their lives from the loud booms and flashes. Most are either struck by cars or are never seen again.
  • Wildlife are so terrified they get disoriented and leave their young.
  • The day after the 4th, many dead or dazed animals can be found along the roads.
  • War Vets with PTSD have a terrible time with the fireworks, as do special needs children and adults.
  • There is NO where to hide from the noise. The roads to the mountains are packed with cars parked on each side with people trying to protect their children, pets, War Vets and dementia patients.
  • The 4th doesn't end on the 4th. It goes on for a good week before and after. People break the law all the time as they know there are not enough Police to answer the hundreds of calls they are inundated with every day fireworks are set off, so they just keep setting them off.
  • Fish and other animals perish after ingesting firework debris.

This only scratches the surface but should be more than enough to prove this needs to STOP!! Some people say they are celebrating our freedom. The rest of us say it takes AWAY our freedom as it is so dangerous and disruptive, so many have to leave their homes nights in a row with their pets to try to find the most shelter from the booms they can, but there is nowhere to effectively do that. They lose THEIR freedom to stay home and protect their houses from possible fire. Many pets with health conditions, heart issues, collapsing tracheas, autoimmune issues, etc. have died from the terror of the loud booms. 

PLEASE HELP US GET THIS TERRIBLE TRADITION STOPPED BY BANNING IT COMPLETEY FOR RESIDENTIAL USE! People can still party, have barbecues, go to a commercial display which is set during a certain time frame and contained safely to watch their fireworks. They don't need to be exploding and blowing things up, disrupting everyone and everything around them, to celebrate this great country. 


We will be attending the Centralia City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 7 pm at

Centralia City Hall
118 W Maple St
Centralia, WA 98531

Please sign this petition and join us there so we can convince the Council to Ban Fireworks permanently. Let's make a change!

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Signatures: 197Next Goal: 200
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