Central Scotland needs a traffic-free cycle circuit!

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Since launching the petition in 2016, the West Lothian Cycle Circuit has hit major targets: it has been granted planning permission and the Linlithgow Community Development Trust have been working with West Lothian Council to progress the facility. Half the funds have been raised through community fundraising, and grants from West Lothian Council, Sport Scotland and Scottish Cycling and a large volunteer team have contributed 1,000s of hours of their time to the project.

Many thanks to the volunteers, supporters and backers who have contributed so far and to West Lothian Council who are helping to see the plans come to life.

The circuit is a demand led-facility, to show that, it would be great to continue to grow the petition which will help the remaining funds to be raised.

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Linlithgow Community Development Trust plan to build a 1km cycle circuit in Linlithgow but they need the support of West Lothian Council to do this. The track will provide a safe racing, training, and recreational cycling area for everyone across Scotland to use. 

Please sign this petition to help persuade West Lothian Council to help it get built.

I am 14 years old, a keen cyclist for the West Lothian Clarion Cycling Club and there aren't a lot of safe roads nearby. A car has caused me to fall off when it pulled out of a junction while I was riding by. It nearly hit me and I fell off, leaving a big gash in my leg.

I am really hoping the track gets built because it would really give me and my club mates a safe place to ride and train where our parents aren't worried about us getting hit by cars. I think it would also promote cycling, and make cycling more popular as a sport as well as a form of transport.

The location is to the West of the Leisure Centre and the project also includes a skate park and athletics area.

There is no purpose built cycle circuit in Scotland. This track would be used by cyclists not just from Linlithgow but from across West Lothian and further afield from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling.

Please sign my petition and help this facility get built

You can find our more about the project here: