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Petitioning Central R3 school district

Drop all disciplary actions taken against Aleczander Scott.

Aleczander Scott is the a down syndrome child, who does not comprehend hate. He knows nothing but love and affection. He hugs everyone he sees. He is currently facing arrest by juvenile and has been suspended for 15 days.  The school has pressed charges of sexual assault for giving his bus aide a hug. She states Alec tried to "hump" her. However, his home health aid was a witness, and she states this never happened. It was a normal "alec" hug where he jumps up and down, and yells in excitement and happiness. Alec is the most loving boy you will ever meet and doesn't even understand why he can't go to school right now, let alone that he sexually assaulted someone. Please help end this absurdity.

Letter to
Central R3 school district
We are presenting this petition in response to the actions taken against Aleczander Scott on Thursday, December 15th regarding the encounter with his school bus aide.

We, as a group, feel that his needs as a down syndrome child have been set aside. Charges pressed against him for sexual assault are not only absurd, but insulting to a large amount of parents in this school district. His feelings and emotions as a child were disregarded. He was not even given a chance to correct any poor behavior that he may have shown to the bus aide.

We also feel it is unfair to not allow the parents of Aleczander to see the video of the incident taken on the bus that day. This is considered school records, which should always be accessible to the parents, according to the federal FERPA law, the Individuals with Disabilities Act, and the Sunshine Law. It has been stated that Central R3 school district does not make a practice of showing the parents the video tapes. This is surely an exception to the rule, and should be provided as soon as possible!

All we, as a group ask, is for Aleczander Scott to have a fair and comfortable educational environment, which has been stripped from him due to the actions of school officials and employees. We feel all disciplinary action should be reversed and revised, therefore stricken from his official school records, and any pertinent information, including video tape be shown to the parents. Please correct this wrong and make the right decision for Alec’s educational and emotional needs.


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