The Anti-Cracker Campaign

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My mother and I have been doing this anti-cracker campaign for twelve years on a local level but this year , i decided to go on a wider platform. I think again, how much of a difference can a 16 year old make in people's mindset?

Then, I realize, its a lot. This may not influence you directly, your initial thought would be, what is Diwali really without crackers? that was what I thought too. But the i realized... That it wasn't really worth, the crackers, if a thousand little hands were burnt making them, they're not worth the air and sound pollution they cause, the breathing and hearing problems they give birth to.And its just cruel the way they scare the animals.

Just give it a thought,is that few minutes of happiness really worth it?

Think about it. Take a pledge ,a little step to a big goal- a pollution free country. You gotta start somewhere, isn't?

And yes, promise to spent this newfound time with friends and family, and not with that stupid smartphone.