Petition Closed


She was only trying to protect her 12 hour-old puppies when she attacked a child attempting to hold them. Her owner did not provide the privacy she needed or the supervision the child needed. The dog is not to blame and doesn't deserve to die!!! Find this story at     Ms.Dethloff has stated in her response to this petition: " A phone call or email directly to either of Animal Control Authority or the Central Nebraska Humane Society can lead to answers and ways to help us and the animal..." so please call her at 308-385-5305 or email her at after signing this petition.


Spread the word on Twitter using the hashtag #dontletmommapitdie ... the more we can spread the word the better!!!!!


Letter to
Executive Director, Central Nebraska Humane Society Laurie Dethloff
Stop trying to deem the Mother Pitbull dangerous, and let her live!