Indian healthsystem at stake. Save yourselves. Say no to NMC

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Say no to NMC.  It's a bill being passed by the Indian government making huge changes in the existing medical education and health system by abolishing MCI and replacing it with NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION.  According to which quaks are provided with a 6month bridge course and are given license to practice modern medicine which is nothing but endangerement of the Indian public health system.  Government is more concerned on increasing the quantity of healthcare providers rather than emphasizing on the quality. There has been a proposal to replace the existing NEET with a unspecified new exit exam called NEXT which is alleged to be a theory exam based on which the allotment of pg seats is done. This is unethical on the part of officials to put the future of medical students at stake while unreasonably favouring quackery.There has been a rapid privatisation of medical education through this bill. The number medical seats in private medical colleges under government control has been cut down from 75% to 50%. Don't you think it is equivalent to stealing the opportunity of medical education from poor students of the country? India being a democratic country the representatives are supposed to take people's opinion into consideration before making such huge decisions. But in the current scenario all the expert advices and suggestions have been ignored and bypassed while passing this bill in both the assembly houses.Now should we still call India a democratic country? So we request all the responsible citizens of India to kindly respond to this burning issue and take it to the notice of concerned officials so that appropriate action is taken against this injustice.