Albinos are not different

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Hello reader, 

From birth till today i as a girl, as an ALBINO girl has been facing many problems including bullying, physical problems, sexual abuses, educational problems and many more. People use to laugh at me when i go outside. Due to albinsim many other health problems came with it like rheumathoid arthretis, skin sensitive to sun, low vision, fibroadenomas, etc. Low vision made my educational and carrer life very hectic. At the time when i didn't even know about sexual abuse i was one of the victim for that. I was helpless and so i stoped moving out. 

Just a chang in our skin and hair colour doesn't make us different than this world. It is not only me but many albino patients in india who are facing the same but can't raise their voice.

Its not about any fight or struggle we have to make but we need to create an awareness between our society for albinism. 13th june is celebrated as world's albinism awareness day but still many are unaware about it.

I request the central goverment to impliment seminars twice per year in every schools, colleges, orgainsations and companies in india to make people aware about albinism. Not only urban cities but rural areas should also be included. Awareness in society can make a large difference for us. 

We are not different, we are happy living humans.