Save Central Coast Cats and Wildlife

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This petition is not about stopping the use of traps in the Wildlife Corridors and Reserves across the Central Coast. 

Our aim is to ensure that Central Coast Council have processes and procedures in place not only to protect the Australian Wildlife but to also protect the communities beloved pets. We want to ensure that only humane trapping is carried out and that all residents are aware when this is being carried out. Under no circumstances should leg traps be used. In residential areas, cage traps or soft net traps are preferred over leg hold traps as fewer injuries are sustained, non-target animals can be released unharmed and trapped feral cats can be transported away from the area for euthanasia.

This petition is the result of Central Coast Council's appointed contractor using leg hold traps which has resulted in Princey (a beloved pet) having it's paw severely damaged and it's toes being amputated. The only reason Princey was returned was due to the persistence of it's owner.

Based on the Code of Practice (see  Leg-hold (padded-jaw) traps should only be used at sites where the animal can be killed by shooting whilst still held in the trap. Therefore if the owner had not intervened and demanded that the contractor check the traps, Princey would surely have been just another statistic. 

We therefore believe that many of the communities missing cats may have been caught in leg-traps and as per the code of practice shot at site and disposed of. SoCares also confirmed that they had never received a cat from the council appointed contractor, which would support this theory.


Central Coast Council need to make the following changes for all areas across the Central Coast where trapping is to take place;

  • Humane trapping only in cages (no foot traps)
  • Processes in place to ensure that ALL animals caught are taken to SoCares and scanned for microchips.
  • SoCares to be responsible for making any decisions regarding euthanasia.
  • Ensure all local residents are notified if baiting and trapping is to take place and relevant signage 
  • Trapping should only occur in Autumn and Winter as per codes of practice 
  • Any company contracted by Central Coast Council will ensure that Model Codes of Practice (CoPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are followed as stated
  • If the current contractor has used foot traps (which is against the 2006 WWC Management Plan), his contracted should be permanently terminated with immediate effect.
  • If cage trapping is to occur - signage must be displayed prominently so that all residents are aware at every entry point not just one or two here and there.
  • All residents are to receive a pamphlet on the Wadalba Wildlife Corridor annually as per the 2006 WWC Management Plan
  • Signage needs updating and needs to be included at all access points (there are only 3 signs in total for the whole of Wadalba) regarding cats and dogs
  • Central Coast Council should carry out regular reporting to justify the need to trap foxes and feral cats in the areas and to report on any animals caught. This information should be reported to local residents at the same time the pamphlet is distributed as a way of educating the community
  • Council should organise a meeting with those people that own cats and come up with a suitable plan that promotes responsible pet ownership. 

We thank you for signing this petition and urge you to join our Facebook group if you want your voice to be heard. This group will be discussing the issues raised and will be presented at the council meeting once a date and time has been confirmed.

Central Coast Council have also wiped their hands and not taking any responsibility for what happened to Princey. Email correspondence had confirmed that the Central Coast Appointed Trapper was using the inhumane leg-traps and therefore has stated that Princey's vet bills need to be forwarded to the trapper. If he does not pay we will release the name of his company on the following petition.