We demand CBI probe in Sushant Singh Rajput death case.

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We demand justice for Sushant Singh Rajput. A bright,talented star in bollywood industry, who had no godfather in the industry. He started his journey in bollywood with a role in 'kai po che' movie. Sushant Singh Rajput from a small village of Bihar had a middle class background. In spite of having a glorious academic record he choose acting as a professional career and he made a glorious start in his first film 'kai poche'. Gradually he made inroad in bollywood, which is predominant  by some selective  actor/actress of the industry . In spite of all these obstacles he made his mark in the mind of audiences,viewers ,just because of his inborn talent in acting,his innocent character and that lovely smile . 

He never preferred back door entrance and he preferred talking straight.Some media report says he had a tussle with a producer in Industry. This producer has a great influence in industry. This tussle with the producer may had been costly for him. As some news excerpts,we got from media, it suggests, after this incidence many producers in industry denied to give him role. Even he was not being invited in those parties,where once he was regular attender. In a precise "He was left in isolation" or got boycotted by the industry. It was a well planned game to flatten his uprising career graph. Although don't have any concrete proof regarding this. Versions of some renowned figures in industry suggest that. 

More surprisingly some media houses have started media justice and they has read out the verdict  "It was a suicide, and he was in depression". Taking an antidepressant drug, does not mean, the man was so depressed to take the ultimate step.Even pregnant mothers do have those drugs after giving birth of a child!   

If for a moment we believe in that, the question that appears in our mind - " is there anyone who instigated or provoked him to take this ultimate step". Then that culprit need to be booked and criminal proceedings should get start against that criminal for the provocation to suicide.

Simply we want justice for Sushant Singh Rajput. He may not has back up or lobby in the industry, but we the common men are with him. We are billions in count. Whether it is suicide without provocation, Murder or provocation to suicide that need to be investigated impartially, and no agency other than CBI is efficient in this regard. We just want CBI probe, bacause a doubt has crippled into the mind of common men,and that need to be addressed to reinstate the faith of common men on justice  system.

   Please sign this petition and help Sushant Singh Rajput to get justice.    This will be forwarded to CMO Maharashtr, PMO India,HMO India, ACB Patna, ACB Mumbai, CMO Bihar, Secretary of Human Rights, Secretariat of Bihar. A single signature of you can help the justice to prevail.