CBSE stop torturing the batch of 2021-2022

CBSE stop torturing the batch of 2021-2022

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Started by Cbse Student

The batch of 2021-2022 was already suffering a lot because of pattern change, Covid- 19 and online classes. Now, the extremely hard level of question paper is making it hard for us to even pass the exam, let alone cross the 75% criteria which is required to sit for many entrance exams across the country. Also, if you don't remember we are the batch who were locked in our homes after the 10th board exams for almost 1½-2 years. The jump from class 10th to 11th was a lot to deal with but we did it all without complaining once,  despite our deteriorating mental & physical health. Now, we can't risk not getting a college. Also, not all of us are rich enough to get into a reputed private university.

On 3rd December, the English exam conducted by CBSE was not something we expected. The options were unclear and vague. It was more like 'Multiple Select Questions' rather than 'Multiple Choice Questions'. It was more perspective based rather than knowledge-based. If CBSE is introducing a new format, at least it should be well tested. Stop experimenting okay? Also, it doesn't make sense for an English exam to be MCQ based. The whole appeal of English for me has always been the ability to express MY views, but now we have to choose the option which we think is correct according to CBSE.

Don't even get me started on the maths exam, especially the paper code - 065/1/4. It was way too lengthy for a 1½ hour paper. Some questions were out of the syllabus, the case study was not even close to what we studied. The time was so less that in the end, the only choice we had was to select the options randomly. Honestly, now I have no hopes for other exams now.

Also, why do I feel like CBSE is targetting some specific states? Is it true that other sets were way easier? After all this, how will we compete with the other board students? How are we going to get a good college? 

We are at your mercy for our future. We demand grace marks or lenient evaluation. Honestly, we'd ask to conduct the exams again but the new variant of Covid-19 is already here so I already know that's not gonna happen, I'm not even sure if term 2 is going to happen or not but if it is sure that term-2 will happen then please just please..don't add these marks. The least you can do is at least let us cross 75%.



Physics exam? Nahh! More like "let's check how good is you guessing game"

English and Maths were bad but Physics was on another level man! What the hell?

They gave 95% numericals and 5% theory. On the other hand, we were told to focus more on theory as sample paper has more theory based questions. Plus how are we supposed to solve so many numericals in 90 minutes.

And..the answer key!!!! What even? Everything is wrong according to them.

P.s.- I'll barely pass.






188 have signed. Let’s get to 200!