Cancel the re-conduct of the 10th grade math examination, as proposed by CBSE

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The Central Board of Secondary Education came up with a notice on 28th of March '18 stating that there would be a re-conduct of the math examination [grade 10th] and Economics examination  [ grade 12th ] ... being a 10th grade student myself ... i find this proposal plain outrageous as anyone may after resolute preparation done in 5 days ultimately resulting in more preparation . One may find this burdening to a great extent . 

CBSE claims that fraudulent means have been used thus a re-examination is necessary but the concept is almost absurd as a few out of the  few lakh students in this country may have been indulged in such means and it would only be fair if that lot is punished . but for those who put in their heart and soul preparing for the examination  its a pain as all the efforts put in seem wasted .

We request CBSE to cancel the re-examination .