Give Deadpool Rating A in india with no Heavy Cuts/Beeps

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I've been hyped for Deadpool since the trailer was released. If Deadpool is released in India, it will be U/A rated and heavily censored and edited. This will spoil most of the jokes in the movie. I personally think that the only reason to watch it in the theater would be to see which jokes have slipped passed the censor board (I doubt that they will understand all the jokes).

All in all, it wouldn't be a movie I would go to the theater to watch due to the heavy censorship.

And i guess it will spoil the whole story line

But I hope CBFC passes it with A certification without any cuts/beeps.

This is exactly what had happened with Bond movie. I don't think CBFC should have listened to the producers/distributors appeal for U/A certification, instead it should have passed the Bond flick with A certification without any cuts.

There is a need to revamp CBFC. Scene cuts should be done in only rare cases, after all it's a certification board. SO CBFC Just Please dont Spoil the Dark Humour and Awesome Violence in Deadpool Movie By giving Heavy Cuts/Beeps 

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