Ban rape scenes in films...

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In bollywood films as well as regional films (international  films too) rape scenes are inserted and filmed in the name of demand of the script. The producers and directors show these scenes many times in very sensual manner and new shameful ways. Though examples are many, but I would like to put a recent case which followed the way a rape scene in the movie BHOOMI was filmed and shown to the world.

A teen is raped  inside a cinema hall in hyderabad last week by a person who befriended her few days back. The accused may have got the inspiration and inhumane courage from movies like BHOOMI and movies of this sort. Can we ruin our own society in the name of movies, bollywood, business etc  ?

Let's stop this. Let's ask the CBFC to ban rape scenes in movies... Let's be responsible citizens of a beautiful society. Thank you.