Ban the movie named "India's Most Wanted"

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The teaser of this movie named India's Most Wanted shows a terrorist quoting one of the lines said by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Geeta. 

This is unacceptable as this is a sheer propaganda to malign the Hindu Community and it's sacred practices. Bhagwad Geeta is a Spritual and Self Enlightement scripture. In no way it supports terrorism.


Bollywood try to show Sanatan Dharm in bad light more often. Most recent is the movie called PK which portrayed Lord Shiv in a wrong way. 

This is unacceptable as Hindu community does not accept any connection of it's sacred scripture to terrorism.

People became Entrepreneur, Teacher, Spritual Leaders, Better person by reading Geeta and whole world worship it. This propaganda can't be tolerated. Enough is Enough!

I urge every person who doesn't want to help Bollywood in maligning Sanatan Dharma and our fellow Hindus. Please sign this petition so that the movie never releases. 

Thank you for reading this far. I respect your patience. :)