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Centers for Disease Control And Prevention: Provide Vitamin C after every injury and procedure to prevent RSD/CRPS

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RSD/CRPS -Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy also today known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a nerve disorder that develops after an event that the body sees as traumatic. This nerve disorder to this day is incurable but is preventable.
If patients under the care of a doctor were given vitamin C after an accident or procedure it would drop the likelihood of the patient developing this disorder.
This disorder consists of the following symptoms burning sensation in affected area, swelling, discoloration, extreme sensitivity to touch, temperature difference, and excessive sweating.
This disorder comes in 3 stages
Stage 1

lasts 1 to 3 months
severe, burning pain
muscle spasm
joint stiffness
rapid hair growth
skin color and temperature changes

Stage 2

lasts from 3 to 6 months
pain which becomes more intense
decreased hair growth
nails which are cracked, brittle, grooved, spotty
softened bones
stiff joints
weak muscle tone

Stage 3

irreversible changes to skin and bone
pain is continuous
muscle atrophy
severe limited mobility
contractions of muscles and tendons (limbs may be twisted)

Here is how and why it is supposed to help prevent the start or spread of RSD. With RSD, the circulatory system & the nervous system both cause our blood vessels to narrow. When the blood vessels become too narrow they prevent oxygen & nourishment from getting to all areas of the body. The areas affected are usually the extremities, which become painful, swollen, stiff and discolored that those with RSD  unfortunately know.

Anyone can get this disorder at any time for any reason. Women however are 4x more likely to develop this disorder.
Today, there are approximately 1.2 million Americans suffering from this disorder including Paula Abdul.

As previously stated, the disorder is currently incurable but treatable. Today, an RSD/CRPS patient undergoes physical therapy, sympathetic nerve blocks, ketamine infusions, hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments, and many medications to treat the pain that they deal with on a daily basis.

Studies show us that 500 mg Vitamin C taken daily (for 50 days) after injurys and surgerys, decreases the percent of people developing CRPS by 76 %, this has been proven in multipal studies bearing similar results every time.

While you cant force a patient to continue taking the Vitamin C after leaving the care of one of the facilities, you can administer the vitamin and make the patient aware of the posibility of this disorder developing after an accident/injury or a procedure.

Please sign this petition to make it mandatory for hospitals, urgent cares, and outpatients to provide Vitamin C after injuries and procedures. The last thing you would want is for this disorder to happen to you or someone you know.

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