Protect our Healthcare workers during the COVID-19 War!

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Provide these much needed supplies to your healthcare workers at your nearest hospitals because they are short. If you have them donate them. If you can buy them, please do. Go to this site to find your local providers that need supplies:

1. N95 masks
2. Surgical masks
3. Protective gowns or suits
4. Disposable gloves
5. Eye shields
6. Face shields
7. Hand sanitizer
8. Sanitizing wipes
9. Disinfectant\Cleaning solution 

Our healthcare workers are working to protect us. But they are not protected from those that are infected from COVID-19, sick or might be infected. They are on the front lines, and we're not protecting them. These are the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists and more who are working to protect us and putting their lives on the line. The least we can do is protect their lives. And, if they get sick, they get others sick.

Dr. Lerner has confirmed his essay and thanked me for my work (I have literally done nothing - this made me cry) CDC tells doctors if we have no masks, scarves and bandanas work, too. Please read an essay below from Dr. Lerner and this article:

“In one of the most vivid scenes in the HBO miniseries "Chernobyl" (among many vivid scenes), soldiers dressed in leather smocks ran out into radioactive areas to literally shovel radioactive material out of harm's way. Horrifically under-protected, they suited up anyway. In another scene, soldiers fashioned genital protection from scrap metal out of desperation while being sent to other hazardous areas.