Make the CDC report the number of coronavirus cases per state

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stopped tallying the people tested for coronavirus. The government lacks transparency throughout the coronavirus outbreak and it is a threat to members of society. About 90,000 people worldwide are currently infected, at least a hundred of which here in the U.S. The global death toll is more than 3,000, while the U.S. death toll is at nine as of Tuesday morning.

"Americans are dying," Pocan wrote in the letter. "We deserve to know how many Americans have perished from COVID-19, and we deserve to know how many people have been tested for it." Lawmakers are already pushing back, saying they deserve to know how many people have been tested.

The Trump administration and the CDC have been under intense scrutiny over their response to the coronavirus, which first appeared in China in December and has since infected more than 90,000 people across the globe. In order to maintain public awareness, and the health of individuals in society, it is necessary for the CDC to report coronavirus cases.