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Des Hague has been identified as the man abusing a defenceless Doberman Pinscher named “Sade” in the elevator of the Private Residences at Hotel Georgia. He is the CEO of Centerplate - the catering company who has contracts at BC Place and the Convention Centre here in Vancouver and many other entertainment venues around North America and the UK.

Des Hague issued a statement through his lawyer. But it doesn't sound like there's a whole lot of remorse. He doesn't even call "the animal" by name, and instead focuses on how embarrassed he is to have been caught.

A spokeswoman for the BCSPCA says "The way she behaves certainly gives the indication of fearfulness, and that indicates she has received this treatment before.”

The elevator camera looks to show the Centerplate CEO kicking the dog, yanking on her chain, and even lifting her up by the leash!

Centerplate's Facebook page and Des Hague's Twitter account were both closed down after a barrage of social media complaints.

On Twitter, Centerplate said "In no way do we condone the mistreatment of animals. This is a personal matter involving our CEO that we are currently investigating."

When a corporate CEO is seen on camera abusing a dog, that is not a "personal matter." People who are violent to animals often do not stop there.

Let's compile everyone's thoughts in one place and take a stand against animal cruelty.

Fire Centerplate CEO Des Hague. Animal abusers should think about the implications when caught abusing an animal.

Letter to
Centerplate ISG
Centerplate UK PR
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Centerplate UK Corporate
Centerplate Corporate
Centerplate Joseph O'Donnell, Chairman
Olympus Partners David Cardenas, Partner
Olympus Partners David Haddad, Partner
Olympus Partners Robert Morris, Managing Partner
Olympus Partners Chase Ormond, Vice President
Admiral Capital Group David Robinson, Board Member
Fire CEO Des Hague

Animal cruelty is inexcusable.

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