President-elect Biden: Help Stop UAE Drones & Eritrean Forces Killing Tigreans in Ethiopia

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The US government, as a responsible superpower that espouses democratic value and freedom across the globe, has a moral and ethical responsibility to live up to its commitment to these ideals. On the other hand, if it fails to live up to its promises, in this case to stand with the people of Tigray, at the very least, it is by omission or commission supporting the regional war and genocide on Tigrai, Ethiopia. It has increasingly become apparent that the current Trump administration seems to support the coalition of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed; the dictator of Eritrea, Esayas Afwerki in the relentless bombardment, mass killings and looting coupled with UAE’s drones.

The tacit support of the current US government amid the  genocidal in/actions against the innocent people of Tigray shall be recorded as one of yet another dark-spot in the US history. How can the US tolerate such a complete destruction of a minority tribe as the world knows it? How can the US remain silent when about 7 million people in Tigrai, Ethiopia are completely cutoff from the rest of the world by a dictator, depriving them from any form of communication, water, food, electricity and free movement? If this is not an act of active genocide, what is it for the US government? No national interest or geopolitical importance should be calculated at the expense of people that are forced to endure unjustified killings, displacements, and hunger for no fault of theirs.

Although it is too little too late, the US should stop supporting Abiy Ahmed, the dictator of Eritrea, Esayas Afwerki and the Drones’ bombardment of the UAE on Tigrai, and start playing a decisive role by making meaningful intervention to influence the Ethiopian government to commit for immediate cessation of hostilities and solve the conflict through all-inclusive dialogue according to the constitution of Ethiopia and the will of the people of Tigrai.

As the traditionally defacto global watchdog for democracy and justice, we expect the US government to play a leading role in the adoption of the following measures to help minimize the effects of the ongoing war crime and genocide on the ground in Tigrai, Ethiopia:

a. The immediate cessation of hostilities.

b. Immediate opening of corridors for the safe and unfettered passage of humanitarian aid.

c. The immediate restoration of communications, electricity and other services to the people of Tigray.

d. Dispatch an international team of experts for an independent investigation on the war crimes on the ground.

e. All parties to commit to a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

f. Immediate deployment of peace keepers along the Tigray-Eritrea border.

g. Immediate withdrawal of foreign troops (Eritrea and Somalia) and government allied militias from the Amhara region and other hostile ethnic groups as well as the redeployment of federal government troops outside Tigray and the immediate restoration of the status quo ante.

Security and Justice for Tigreans in Ethiopia, SJTE