protest/comment closing our borders to asylum seekers

protest/comment closing our borders to asylum seekers

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On March 26, the CDC issued an order closing the US land borders and ordering the immediate return of foreign nationals, including asylum seekers, without due process. Notice of Order Under Sections 362 and 365 of the Public Health Service Act Suspending Introduction of Certain Persons From Countries Where a Communicable Disease Exists.  (1) This order is for an initial period of 30 days.

CDC has asked for public comment on the rule, Control of Communicable Diseases; Foreign Quarantine: Suspension of Introduction of Persons into United States from Designated Foreign Countries or Places for Public Health Purposes. The comment period extends until 4/23/2020. [2] The process by which to comment is described in the link. (2).

We, the End Streamline Coalition of Tucson Arizona, ask that your organization use its stature as a social justice organization to condemn the misuse of the CDC to further the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant agenda. Conflating public health safety as a border policy is ill advised here on the southern border.

We also ask that your organization condemn the continued detention of non violent immigration detainees, as a threat to public health. Detention centers are ill equipped to handle a corona virus outbreak. Non violent detainees need to be released immediately before the pandemic reaches further inside the detention centers. The first acknowledged COVID-19 death inside ICE detention has occurred this past week in New Jersey.

Past disease outbreaks inside CBP and ICE facilities have revealed the inadequacy of these institutions like other institutions of incarceration to handle disease outbreaks. And contrary to best public health practice, all accountability is sorely lacking.

Any broad sweeping power given to CBP will result at a minimum in the abuse of human rights of legitimate asylum seekers by their policy of immediate deportation without due process. While this has been problematic in recent years, any further increase in normalization of this power for another year in the name of public health is unconscionable.

And lastly, any screening of individuals at the border at ports of entry or between ports of entry should include proper care and treatment of those who may be ill, not prompt removal.

Thank you for your prompt attention.



Comments are submitted through the Federal eRulemaking portal:

Info needed: Docket No. CDC-2020-0033 , identified by RIN 0920-AA76