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The CDC is unfairly targeting cruise lines to take attention away from the fact that they neglected to act quickly at the beginning of this pandemic. This organization often issues statements that contradict themselves. One week it’s one way; the next week they state exactly the opposite. One week wear masks, then no masks and now back to masks.  Stay  inside. No go outside. Only groups of 10. The 11th person may have the virus. 

Airlines have continued to fly despite being one of the largest carriers of COVID-19. The first case of corona virus in the United States arrived via a passenger on a flight from China to Washington State - arrived via airplane, not a cruise ship.

Hotels have reopened even though statistics show in previous years hotels have had far higher outbreaks of NORO Virus than ships have ever had. 

Movie theaters, gyms, beaches, theme parks, restaurants and bars are reopening with restrictions such as social distancing, limited capacity, cleanliness/sanitation and in some cases temperature checks. Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line has announced extensive changes they are making but what are the hotels and airlines doing to keep passengers and guests healthy? Airlines have a different set of passengers multiple times a day on one plane. Hotels have different guests in and out as often as daily. Cruise ships, however, switches out passengers on average once a week. Cruise lines are subjected to scheduled and non-scheduled health inspections. How often are hotels and airlines inspected for cleanliness?

We are demanding that the CDC let the No Sail Order expire on July 24th and allow cruising to resume.  We want our cruise family back. We want to board our ships and keep creating memories.

We, the Citizens of the United States want to exercise our right of making decisions for ourselves. 

 The CDC's unfair battle with the cruise lines is costing our country and countries around the world hundreds of millions of dollars in  lost revenue. They have directly put hundreds of thousands of people out of work in our country alone. Stop telling us Walmart is safe but a cruise ship is not. It is so darn hypocritical!

I have started this for Carnival but would like any cruiser from any line to please sign. We all need to be united in this.

#CarnivalStrong        #CarnivalFamily      #CarnivalWeWillRise

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