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Centennial Hill (Rose Supper Club): Close down this DEATH trap PERMANENTLY and destroy the building!!!

  • Various shootings have happened outside of this club
  • Murders have taken place INSIDE of this club
  • Various crimes have been committed around this place as a result of a fight inside of the club
  • Security does NOT enforce safety or check patrons properly
  • The club owners have been negligent to hire PROPER security
  • Weapons constantly make it inside of the club
  • Parties are hosted that are labeled "Trap or Die" which draws a particular group of individuals
  • The name of the club has been changed numerous times however nothing else (security being the biggest issue) has not.
  • The age limit was supposed to be 25 and older however under age patrons (24 & under) are still being allowed in the club.
Letter to
Centennial Hill (Rose Supper Club)
City of Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange
Alabama ABC Board Enforcement Division
and 1 other
City of Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange
Close down this DEATH trap PERMANENTLY and destroy the building!!! This club has been an ongoing place for various problems, security issues, a nuisance to surrounding homeowners and criminal activity. Of course the citizens of Montgomery realize that clubs and buildings are not what kills people, however PEOPLE do and those who have been recent and previous owners of this establishment did NOT make sure that the safety of those who entered into this establishment were safe. Therefore, people did indirectly kill people! Please, destroy this building once and for all before someone ELSE re-opens it under a different name, different "licensee" but with the SAME issues.

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