Centennial College Summer Tuition fee partial refund due to online classes due to COVID-19

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Centennial College has taken the decision to shift to online classes for the entire upcoming summer semester (2020).

The college claims that the shift to online classes will not have any impact on the quality of classes and thus does not warrant any refund of tuition fees.

They have, however, set up a bursary to help students financially in these times. The problem with this idea is that it provides assistance majorly to students who have lost employment. The federal government is already assisting them with that.

There is a better, and more equitable way of not only providing assistance to every student, but also rightfully compensating the students for the loss in quality of education that they would face. This is by way of a partial refund of the summer semester tuition fees. This way, all students get equal assistance and compensation.

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I request any Centennial Authority reading this to take action in this regard for the benefit of the students.