End cancer drug price hikes

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A New Jersey-based biotech company called Celgene Corp. just announced that it will be raising the price of a vital cancer drug called Revlimid.

The company has routinely increased the prices of its top-selling drugs. That means that the drugs that people need the most are routinely getting more expensive.

They boosted the price of a 10 milligram dosage of Revlimid, the drug used for those diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a cancer that forms in a type of white blood cell called a plasma cell. The 10 milligram dosage now costs $720. In 2007, the same dosage cost $247.

Because cancer patients need many doses of Revlimid a year, the overall cost can approach $200,000. That means that patients are paying $200,000 for a drug they very much need — and Celgene did this just because they can.

Cancer cells don’t mature and die in the same way that normal cells do. They build up and overtake the healthy cells, leading to an inability to fight infections.

We need to start holding drug companies responsible if no one else will. Sign this petition to tell Celgene that we have spoken and we won’t sit idly by while cancer patients are suffering because they simply cannot afford the drug you decided to hike up the price of.