Fire Cedarville University President Thomas White NOW

Fire Cedarville University President Thomas White NOW

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We are an organization composed of Cedarville University alumni, professors, staff members, and former employees who insist that Dr. Thomas White be immediately terminated as President of the University. 

Dr. White has admitted he knowingly hired Anthony Moore, a sexual predator, as a professor and special assistant at Cedarville University. Dr. White hired Moore just six months after he was fired from The Village Church in Texas in 2017. White defends his decision, saying he wanted to help restore this fallen brother with grace and accountability:

As Dr. White admits, he knew "that Moore had made multiple, secret videos of Moore’s former youth pastor" while a pastor at The Village Church in Texas. White also knew this behavior was recent--the firing took place in January of 2017, the hiring took place just a few months later. Dr. White knew Moore had been fired for this voyeurism. White said he knew there'd been "two videos" made. For some reason, the fact that he's now learned Moore actually made "five videos" is somehow supposed to excuse White's "mistake" in hiring him.

It'd be laughable if it weren't so serious.

The well-documented article linked to above also reports that the victim suffered for over ten years from Anthony Moore's “emotional, verbal, and spiritual abuse”. It is clear, therefore, that Moore's abusive personality has demonstrated grievous behavior in many ways for a very long time. There is no record of Moore's apology for this kind of abuse either. 

Emotional, verbal, and spiritual abuse can lead to many emotional and physical health problems in the victim, including PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicide, and poor physical health. Voyeurism is an act of sexual assault:

Whether voyeurism happens once, twice, or five times, it is an act that violates the victim's body, sense of security, and privacy. It is a vile act. It neither allows the victim any consent nor provides for the victim's safety and security. It is a selfish, creepy act, too. It also more than likely involved repeated viewing, whether the victim's undressing was caught in one video or five. Moore could have pleasured himself hundreds of times from just one video alone, after all. 

Therefore, Dr. White's defense of his decision to hire Moore is both naive and illogical. White had discussed Moore's criminal behavior with leaders at The Village Church back in 2017. By their own account, they told him everything. Therefore, Dr. White knew enough information--had enough details about Moore's criminal behavior--to likewise know he should not hire Moore, especially just six months after he'd been fired. Yet, he did. 

Since 2017, Moore has not only taught classes at CU but also coached the men's basketball team where yes, he was permitted in the locker room, albeit with others who knew his proclivities (that safeguard is supposed to comfort us). He likewise coached local soccer teams, was elevated into teaching roles at Dr. White's Cedarville church, and gave young people rides home to and from activities. Dr. White's actions, therefore, placed an entire community at risk. Whatever safeguards Dr. White put in place is beside the point. They could never ensure Moore would be monitored 24/7. 

What parents would knowingly allow their son to play on Moore's basketball team? What parents would knowingly allow their children to sit under Moore's teaching? What parents would knowingly allow their children to be mentored by this man?

But the parents didn't know. Neither did the students. It was a well-kept secret. Thus, White committed a vile act as well: He did not allow parents and students any chance to consent, or not consent, to being coached or taught by Moore. He likewise allowed them no opportunity to take whatever extra precautions they might deem necessary to protect their children or themselves. White set up his version of safeguards but didn't allow unwitting parents and students to do likewise. 

That was an unconscionable act on Dr. White's part. He placed a old friend above the safety and security of the faculty, staff, and students at Cedarville University and took away every CU parent's right to protect their children.

In so doing, Dr. White invited a known abuser and sexual predator into the community. In fact, faculty and staff remember well the meeting in which Dr. White told them he was going to hire Moore. He met with them in the SSC Theatre in 2017 and told them he was going to hire a man who'd "made a mistake" but was repentant. He manipulated his audience, telling them he wanted CU to be known as a place of "generous grace." Therefore, he also told them that they were not permitted to ask any questions about the candidate. Dr. White also informed them they were not permitted to object to the hiring or research information about Moore. Dr. White shared no specific details about the "mistake." Therefore, despite feeling quite uncomfortable about the decision, CU faculty and staff had no say in the matter and no knowledge of Moore's history of abuse and voyeurism.

In short, when Dr. White claims in his blog that he "communicated clearly to our faculty and staff" the details of the situation, he is not being truthful.

The buck starts and stops with Dr. White.  

We, too, believe in grace and forgiveness. We, too, believe in restoring the one lost sheep who's wandered away from the ninety-nine. However, such restoration can never happen WHILE the other ninety-nine (or 4000+) sheep are unknowingly and thus, unethically used and put at risk in the process. 

Therefore, Dr. Thomas White must be fired immediately. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!