Save Cedar Rapids Prairie Pollinator Zone

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The Cedar Rapids Prairie Pollinator Zone is currently in danger of being converted into a cement rail yard for Cargill. This is a danger to both the local environment and community. Here's why:

On the corner of Stewart Rd and Otis Rd in SE Cedar Rapids, lies a beautiful Prairie Pollinator Zone. This area is bursting with native prairie plants and wildflowers such as purple coneflower, wild bergamot, and 5 foot long grey-headed coneflowers. These plants are essential to the local ecosystem as they provide habitat for bees, butterflies, and other important species. The area also acts as a flood prevention zone due to the deep root systems of the native prairie plants.

The Cedar Rapids City Council recently approved Cargill, an ag company known for its consistent environmental destruction, to build an industrial rail yard on top of the pollinator zone. This not only affects the surrounding environment but also affects the local community. The rail yard would be functioning 12 hours a day 365 days a year, and lead to both noise and air pollution for the surrounding residents. 

The area has already been severely impacted by the 2008 flood and replacing the prairie plants with a cement railroad track would only lead to more flood consequences. Sign this petition to save the pollinator zone. Let's choose our planet over profit.

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