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Prohibit the use of fireworks within Cedar Rapids city limits

In May 2017, the Cedar Rapids City Council voted to allow the use of fireworks within the city limits of Cedar Rapids in the months leading up to the 4th of July and New Year Eve.

The signers of this petition urge the city council members to reconsider their decision, and to more greatly limit the use of fireworks. 

Other cities in Iowa have created ordinances to limit the use of fireworks in densely populated areas (e.g. within city limits) to the days directly surrounding the 4th of July, or prohibiting their use within city limits entirely. The signers of this petition urge the Cedar Rapids City Council to adopt a similar policy.


1. Fireworks being used with few restrictions for such a large period of time creates a risk of traumatic episodes for many veterans of the armed forces, as well as others who suffer from PTSD.

2. Fireworks being used in densely populated areas cause a great deal of stress, anxiety, and fear for many dogs, cats, and other pets, which can result in animals reacting with fear-based aggression or by running away.

3. Fireworks being used in densely populated areas creates extremely loud noises which create an unwelcome and uncomfortable environment for babies, infants, and toddlers in that area.

4. Fireworks being used in densely populated areas creates unnecessary and unwelcome levels of consistent noise pollution. 

5. Fireworks being used in densely populated areas can not only damage the property belonging to the person(s) setting them off (which has already happened), but also creates a risk of damage to property surrounding the area where they are being set off.

6. Fireworks contain toxic chemicals and are known to be pollutants to the air, ground, and water. 

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