Overturn CEC policy restricting Permanent Residents (FN)

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In the last 5 years there have been many changes and obstacles the indoor climbing community in Canada has had to contend with, as surely many in the community can attest to. This year we have been presented with a new, more political obstacle. The CEC (Climbing Escalade Canada), which is the National Sport Organization for climbing in Canada, has instituted a new policy. This policy forbids all Foreign Nationals (including Canadian Permanent Residents) from participating in either our Regional or National level of competition, even if they were to perform at the top of their category. This policy is not in keeping with the inclusiveness of Sport Canada's guidelines regarding access to sport for immigrants, visible minorities, etc... nor the protection of the rights of Permanent Residents under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This decision flies in the face of the CEC's own values: "Inclusion," "Athlete Centered," and "Community" in an "ethical, equitable and equal competition environment".
This decision is not very Canadian. This decision jeopardizes the continuation of our current, and likely many future, promising Canadian youth athletes in climbing who have the capability and potential to make it to the national stage.
From many perspectives this policy is unethical, unjust, unfair, and discriminatory.
Please sign this petition and tell the CEC this decision does more harm than good.