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District 6, Northern Manhattan has been unfairly targeted by the DOE for years. On top of co-locations we have received budget cuts totaling more than $24 million in 5 years. Many times the biggest cuts happening at co-located schools. Very few of the co-locations were community supported and the methods in which OPM/DOE engaged community is questionable. D6 has struggled, our children are better, deserve better and we demand better. We know we have a lot of work to do in Northern Manhattan schools but it begins with the community, in the community. As parents we must dream not just for ourselves but for our children and not allow the DOE to limit their dreams any longer. PLS SIGN this petition and spread the word. We need as much support as possible! After some investigations, much of what OPM told us as community engagement  is false and we are still being asked to proceed with public hearing in early October before a PEP vote in October. We are not going to accept this and are asking for ALL parents to stand with us as we begin to take back our district and take a stand against more co-locations in our community.

D6 Background

We have a very unsuccessful track record with co-locations:

• out of 26 elementary schools, 19 middle schools, 12 are co-located.

• PS 192 & MS 152 already house 2 schools

• co-locations in D6 have created many hostile schools where teachers, principals even parents leave

• even in our more peaceful schools administration must limit their curriculum to plan around shared gyms, cafeterias, playgrounds—resulting in less physical fitness, in some cases no art, and either very early lunches or very late lunches.

• in our charter/public co-locations we have children sweating in 1 room with old supplies/furniture while the charter gets priority and everything new & AC

• we have some very deteriorated old buildings with mold and plumbing that should not house any students holding 2 schools

• increased class sizes due to co-locations

• inappropriate incidents in middle schools co-located with high schools

Co-locations do not work and have not worked. Every proposal in the past 5 years OPM has presented in D6 has resulted in a negative impact to a child via any of the above and more.

Trailers and “Mini schools”

As many may have seen the NY1 report out today. Mayor Bloomberg has failed to meet his 2012 goal of eliminating trailers in Public schools. D6 currently holds 7 trailers.

Various children in our D6 start their education in a K trailer.


One of the schools being considered for a”triple” location is PS 192 which currently is co-located with PS 325 has a mini school trailer and large class sizes. The conditions of the trailer are not ideal as it is for many D6 trailers.

This week marks the  50th anniversary of MLK's "I have a dream speech", watching our president tell us to “Keep on Keeping” and remind us that "Freedom is not given. It must be won, through struggle and discipline, persistence and faith". We have struggled and continue to have faith but need action  & support.

D6 has struggled our children are better, deserve better and we demand better NOW!  Please sign our petition!

Today: CEC 6 is counting on you

CEC 6 needs your help with “CEC 6 (Community Education Council District 6): CALLING FOR AN IMMEDIATE STOP ON ALL CO-LOCATION PROPOSALS IN D6”. Join CEC 6 and 922 supporters today.