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Cease Selling Ol' Roy dog food

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Ol'Roy dog food and treats are unhealthy for your dogs consumption, The food contains unhealthy ingredients, Such as Ground Yellow Corn, which can be used in making feed for live stock. BHA and Citric acid along with Animal fat are the first few ingredients.

Corn is the first ingredient listed, Corn contrary to popular belief is bad for dogs, They do in fact have a hard time digesting it, and they can become constipated. Foods that contain citric acid and fat in the first few ingredients have been found to be contributors and put your dog at risk for bloat... By-products are never healthy, Would you feed your own child By-products? I highly doubt it!

Any dog food that has corn as the first ingredient should be ignored when buying food for your pet. First ingredients that should be listed is either, chicken, beef, or liver.

Top it off of course dogs will love it, since you can make this type of food wet that makes Gravy. Dogs will also eat whatever you put in front of them, but they pay for it later.

There have also been recalls on Ol'Roy in the past 3 years, and Wal-Mart has failed to send it back. Recent reviews and complaints against Ol'Roy dog food products, have contained a list of side affects and symptoms from eating Ol'Roy dog food. Which are the following:
Bloody Diarrhea, Seizures, Digestibility issues. Bloat. and Death.

I fed my 3 dogs this food and later they became sick, with Diarrhea and had digesting issues. I immediately took them off the food, and asked for a refund... Save your dogs life, do not buy Ol'Roy.

More Facts about this unhealthy dog food, Bha is believed to be a contributor towards your dog having cancer. A recent review made by an owner in Illinoise said she was giving her dog Ol'roy, he was healthy and than one day he just stopped eating, wouldn't drink either. Concerned as she was took him to the vet and they found a Mass in his digestinal tract. It was a cancerous tumor, granted they removed it and he was fine afterwards, but if he didn't have this until he started eating the Ol'roy, why isn't this company being shut down? Why Isn't Wal-mart being safe?

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