Black Woman says: ABC we want Roseanne back!!!

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I was disappointed with what Roseanne said however there are double standards.

Often, the Republicans get a harsher treatment than Democrats get for their poor behavior. I have heard black people over the years say that Valerie Jarrett looks like an ape. I don't think someone is necessarily ugly because they have ape features. In some ways humans of all races have similarities of apes. It would be interesting to know if Valerie is aware of people saying this about her over the years.

There are some black people who said they didn't know Valerie Jarrett was black. I believe Roseanne when she said she didn't know she was black. It's common knowledge that you can associate any race other than a black person with being an ape. 

I feel that black female, Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle's post on Facebook that said," I hope Trump's assassinated," is way worse than what Roseanne Barr said. Chappelle  hasn't been removed from her Senator seat. Where are the cries of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson? If a white politician would've said the same about Obama, they probably would've been removed from office within 24 hours.

Political commentator Anna Navarro said on CNN, "Trump isn't fit to be human." Imagine the same being said about Obama. It would be pandemonium! Anna wasn't boycotted and she still has her job on CNN.

Rapper Snoop Dog posted a video with a clown depicted as President Trump with a gun pointed to at the Trump Clown's head.

Snoop Dog went public to ask for the Crips gang to take Kanye West out because he said he supported Trump and Trump is his brother; Snoop Dog posted a photo of Kanye West on social media with the face of Kanye having the skin color of a white man. White people have been condemned and have had to make
public apologies for using dark makeup on their faces and they were called racists.

Snoop Dog has a television show with Martha Stewart. I haven't heard of any boycotts for his show or censoring of his music. Detroit radio station 105.1 banned Kanye's music because of his support of Trump and because he said black people being slaves for 400 years sounded like a choice to him. I thought
Kanye's comment was thought provoking and black people should reflect on what he said because maybe they can connect where they are still choosing mental/emotional slavery today.

Bill Maher called President Trump an Orangutan. If a white person called, or insinuated that Obama was an Orangutan the news media would talk about it like Armageddon was happening!

Talk show host Wendy Williams called a black woman in her audience "Blackie." If a white person said this to a black person they'd be in Roseanne Barr's jail.

What about CNN'S host Joy Reid who said  derogatory things about gay people and Jewish people? She still has her job.

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel gets away with a LOT! He says things that a Republican would've been fired for saying, 

These are just a few examples.

Democrat and Liberal Black people are rarely condemned for saying racist and vile things. People are punished though when they support Trump or other Republicans.

Do I think Roseanne's show should be canceled? Only if the above people are treated the same.

I think Roseanne was mainly banned because of her support forTrump. We should accept Roseanne's apology and give her another chance too!