Stop Or Pro-rate Our RDH Fees

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We would like to thank our governing body for the support and email updates in regards to the COVID 19 pandemic. This was the easiest way of reaching out as a group of individuals all in the same profession.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, dental care providers have been forced to stop our services at this time which has left many financial hardships on working individuals, families and those with independent hygiene businesses.

Our licensing fees were just renewed in March 2020, yet we have only worked a total of 1- 2 weeks into our 2020-2021 period. There is lots of uncertainty in terms of not being to return to work until at least July 2020.

We propose that our licensing and malpractice insurance fees be prorated or adjusted due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.

We ask that the CDHA & CDHBC understand and support their members during this unprecedented time.

Below are all of the signatures of that support this proposal as well.

Thank you for the consideration,

Registered Dental Hygienists from across the province