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Please provide the option to use TressFX in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Dear CD Projekt RED,

We address you as PC customers and, above all, fans of your games. The Witcher 3 is a spectacular game, according to reviewer and gamer opinions all over the world. Your game breaks previous boundaries concerning story-telling and gameplay through a vast and detailed open-world. It exceeded the wildest expectations for many of us.

That said, we PC gamers would love to enjoy this game you made (and we purchased or will purchase) to its fullest. This would, of course, include the ability to play the game using realistic hair and fur to make the world you created even more immersive.

Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved by almost anyone with high-end PCs because the usage of nVidia's "Hairworks" is severely plummeting the performance for both AMD and nVidia users, for what appears to us as a "purposely inefficient" method forced by nVidia's "Gameworks" suite. As it stands right now, only the users with a $1000 "Titan X" are able to enjoy the game with advanced hair and fur simulation and sufficient framerates. This even leaves out nVidia's own GTX 980 and 970 users.

We believe this method is inefficient because the hair simulation creates a performance hit much larger than what we saw with 2013's Tomb Raider. Also by using other "hacks", such as limiting the tesselation levels in the drivers or editing a .ini file to limit "Hairworks MSAA" levels can give substantial performance gains to both AMD and nVidia users, without causing discernible visual difference.Moreover, nVidia does not provide the source code for Hairworks, leaving out the option for further optimization from your team or AMD's driver division.


In a recent interview with Richard Huddy from AMD, it has come to our attention that you are not contractually obligated to avoid using other technologies for hair and fur simulation. This way, using the much faster (and open for optimization) "TressFX" technology as an option to "Hairworks" would allow several thousands of other users to play The Witcher 3 with these features.

With this in mind, we are kindly asking you to consider the option to include "TressFX" in a future patch, so that both AMD and nVidia users can enjoy your game, the way you envisioned for us with such care and dedication.

Kind Regards,

Your loyal PC fans and customers.

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