A Witcher game where Geralt and Jaskier/Dandelion are a couple

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The goal of this petition is to get CD Projekt to create another Witcher game, in the same vain as the current trilogy, but have Geralt and Dandelion(Jaskier) as couple.

The relationship between Geralt and Dandelion is a very unique and comedic one that has been portrayed very well in the books, games and most recently the Netflix series. Their relationship is one of contrast where Geralt takes the role as a dark moody character and his, probably best, friend and occasional side kick is often utilized as the comedic release. It is clear that, even though Geralt tries to hide it, the care about each other and have genuine respect for each other. This unique relationship has the potential to be a beautiful and very comedic story.

We know it is a bit unrealistic to create this as an entire standalone game so we will be willing to accept a DLC for The Witcher 3 where Dandelion is a romantic option.