CCTV in ALL slaughterhouses to stop animal cruelty

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Hidden camera footage released this week by Animal Equality UK exposed the shocking, cruel and heartless way that sheep at the Farmers Fresh abattoir in Wrexham, Wales, are treated. To stop this happening again, I’m calling for slaughterhouses in Wales to be legally obliged to put in CCTV like they are in England since 2018.

The disturbing undercover footage showed two live sheep struggling under the weight of a dead animal as they move along a conveyor belt to be slaughtered. 

The footage also showed multiple sheep getting their heads and limbs stuck in the conveyor belt, and one sheep was stunned and had its throat cut while it was trapped. 

Images taken at the site also show sheep bodies lying around on the slaughterhouse floor. Shockingly, this abattoir is already under investigation for mistreating animals, but the abuse continues. 

Why do we have to wait for an undercover operation from animal rights campaigners for us to be made aware of this horrible cruelty? If every abattoir in the UK had CCTV we could catch this before more animals needlessly suffer. England and Scotland already do this, it’s time for Wales to as well.

Please sign my petition to get CCTV in ALL abattoirs in the UK, to stop this cruelty.