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CCSD15 School Board: Early Release Friday: Consistent daily start time

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We are a community comprised of both working and at home parents. We support teacher and administrator enrichment time.  What we do not support are the days and times that have been communicated to the stakeholders.  A consistent school start time is required by all parents.  The impact of Friday afternoon is more manageable to working parents and preferable to at home parents than any other day or time of the week. We, the parents and taxpayers of District 15, understand teacher enrichment time has already been contracted.  We are insisting that this time be given at the END of the day on FRIDAY without lost instruction time.  We further understand that the Teacher's Union, School Board and Superintendent are not amenable to Friday afternoon as they feel Teacher focus for training on Friday afternoon is not optimal.  As parents, we know that student focus is not optimal on Friday afternoon.  We are confident that adults are better able to focus their effort than children thus making Friday afternoon training more impactful for teachers than Friday afternoon classes for students.  Friday afternoon is also optimal as an early release will not affect after school programming as there are no school based after school programs scheduled on Friday.  Please note that the change recommended by District 15 affects BOTH grammar and middle schools.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge the District 15 School Board to set the day and time for the proposed District 15 Late Start/Early Dismissal program on Friday afternoon. We also require that instruction time of the students not be lost due to providing training time for the teachers and administrators.

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