Give CCA students a tuition refund.

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Dear CCA students, in a time during a pandemic it is imperative that we strive for the education we deserve. You speak about CCA being a community of creatives and giving us the ability to go beyond. Yet, with the COVID-19 virus circulating, we are being restricted to class instruction online via Zoom, Skype, Hangout, or any other resource that is available for a class. But this does not effectively allow us to get the work we needed to fulfill the classes we have to take.

I am speaking on behalf of those who pay out of pocket to use utilities and studios that are not available to them on a daily basis, or for those who travel long distances to use equipment to get what they need done. There are limitations to using the digital world as an outlet for creativity; something that cannot replace the crafts such as sculpture, metalwork, ceramics, acting and glass. 

You ask that classes are converted online in hope that instruction will continue as normal. You do not take into account of the students who will struggle to find an outlet such as internet service or technology to get the work needed done. There is no compensation to come up with these options on students behalf.

We ask that there will be a partial refund for CCA students that will cover the tuition and fee expenses that would have been used for the remainder of the semester. This will allow students to cover any additional expenses that is not covered by the school and give us the ability to get the resources needed to complete our work.

It is only a right to our education that we do what is needed to complete our work. If you want us to succeed as your future alumni and creators you do not make haste in such choices without giving to account of the deeper consequences. We are your future.