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Putting kids at risk with forced travel

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Students from the CBYX (congress Bundestag exchange program, kids between 15 and 18) are currently being forced to get on a plane and fly back to Germany because of the corona virus.  Medically this makes absolutely no sense,  as the case load in Germany is currently higher and the risk of contracting anything is much higher traveling through international airports and on planes than being in self isolation. 100s of kids, Germans and Americans are acting as possible transmitters of the virus into their respective countries  through irresponsibly being exposed.

Meanwhile German governmental officials are prohibited from traveling in order to protect their health,  the same is true for military personell and families here in the US. So they are worth protecting and the administrative hassle, but not these kids. 3 days ago the CBYX program said it was up to the individual student,  but then changed their minds,  claiming to act in the best interest of the students.
We are deeply concerned about this decision and working on both sides of the Atlantic with officials to reverse it,  so far, of course, to no avail as everyone just seems to want to get rid of the problem (aka kids

We would implore you to reverse your decision. I’m aware chances are low and the group/ person who has made the decision is not willing to take the kids’ Health as a priority over administrative issues,  but would like to make it clear that we are not willing to put our kids into any additional danger.

Please let us know about the science behind your decision

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