Why should innocent students suffer for leaked paper of cbse exams?

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Just think why should innocent students who had no clue about paper leak.and all should suffer? Also, why should all the student sit for 're exam? Paper was leaked in Delhi...so only they should give the exam again. It's a waste of our time and resources. People who are entrusted to conduct fair exams should resign now. No shame at all?!

The value  CBSE has lost will never be able to gain again!

This is for both class 10 and 12. Please conduct the exams only for Delhi region students cause other students have other exams lined up too and all students didn't cheat. 

Moreover, there is saying " Taali kabhi ek haath se nahi bajti" ..so the thing is only the students/ teachers are not responsible who have leaked but also the officials or related members who has played an awesome role in passing down the paper. 


There are books to study from,school to attend, model and sample papers are available..And collection of previous years papers to practise from. Still some are cheating in this way?

We students feel bad to be cheated. Cheating is never acceptable in any way!!!

Just because one has to catch an infected fish in water..doesnt mean in any way that entire water should be removed to find that infected fish and let the others die.


Those people who feel this is an important matter pls help my signing. We just want that exams should be conducted only for regions where paper has been leaked.