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HRD Minister, Smriti Irani: Stop highly erroneous normalization for CBSE JEE Main Ranking 2014

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Since last year, it has been decided that JEE Ranking will be based on two parts:

1. JEE Main marks (60%)
2. Board Marks (40%)

The problem lies with the second component. (40% boards - weightage of 144 marks out of 360 total)

It lies in the fact that the JEE main written exam has a short head (meaning all of the marks are concentrated in a very small percentile from 97 to 100, so students getting a percentile within this range will gain disproportionately large marks - marks drop from 300+ for 99.5%ile to 80 for 96.8%ile), and a very long tail (meaning all students ranging from 0 to 97 percentile will be awarded almost the same marks - range of about 0.4*80 = 32 marks).

This is not the case in Boards, where there is no such sudden jump, the percentile varies smoothly with marks.

However, what CBSE is doing without thought is taking the percentile from Board exams and equating it to the percentiles in the JEE Written Exams to calculate corresponding marks. Students had no clue that they would be at such a ridiculous disadvantage. Unfound ideas of HRD Ministry and the ministers have been put to force without any planning!

Short example showing the blunder:

A student scoring 92% in CBSE Boards (getting 96.5%ile will get 0.4*80 = 32 marks out of 144)

A student scoring 96% in CBSE Boards (getting 99.6%ile will get around 0.4*300 = 120 marks out of 144)

A mere difference of 20 marks in boards (which should have ideally contributed 0.4*20 = 8 marks difference in final ranking) gets amplified by a factor of 1100% (120-32 = 88), and thousands of students will lose out in the new system.

Kindly take note and see what can be done.

Various media picked up the issue and the issue reached the Supreme Court last year.

also it is being discussed at various blogs like the one below:

As an alternate, what can be done:

Take the student's percentile in Boards and correspondingly give him/her marks out of 144 depending on that directly. Example someone getting 97%ile, give him/her 0.97*144 marks out of the boards component. 


Get rid of this new system entirely and go back to the good old AIEEE where everyone wrote the same exam and hence were evaluated equally!

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