CBSE Moderation Policy to be Brought Back

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As mentioned in the Article - the Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to not give any grace marks and do away with moderation in this year's board examination results. Moreover it was said that there would be no question difference in sets, but as can be seen it hasn't been followed and more that 3 sets with each having different sets of questions are there.

There are also students who are applying to universities abroad who might get their admission offers rescinded owing to lesser board percentages and not being able to deliver on their predicted scores. There are also students who took a gap year and thus have high percentages owing to the moderated marks awarded last year who will be competing with students from this year's batch for the same seats.

We all know that the CBSE board will be halving the syllabus from grade I to XII from the 2019-2020 academic session. Last year's XII batch had an extension of the moderation policy which awarded grace marks, after the Delhi High Court intervened. The CBSE has said that the moderation policy has been stopped from this year onwards. 

Board exam are like lifeline and we want 10-15 percent moderation in every subject like it has been happening from past years ,because 2019 batch deseve same marks as other batches.

Also if a 2018 passout  and 2019 passout with same qualification will go for a job interview then 2018 one would be selected because of his high board percent.Will job interviewer bother about moderation.2 student same hardwork one got 95%(because of moderation)and other 85%(no moderation),who will company choose then,obviously the 95% one. And as can be seen from Physics paper this year, the paper was tougher than previous years', it would further lead to decrease in percentage.

This is not fair as the previous batches had the moderation policy and the succeeding batches would have a reduction in the syllabus. This leaves the present XII students with neither a reduction in the syllabus nor having the moderation policy.  

I and all students of XII writing the board examinations for this year request the CBSE board, Mr Prakash Javadekar, the Hon. Minister for HRD and the HRD Ministry to extend the moderation policy.

We also request to have a lenient correction for this year's board examinees as their future now rests in the hands of the CBSE board. 

We, the students of class 12th are not PREY to CBSE's sudden mood swings. The decision for removing the moderation policy has come up when most of the examinations have been conducted. When most of the students were prepared to score 90% or higher or whatever the score they aspire for and have filled up the colleges of their dream.

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